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Peter “Gold” Ezugwu

CEO | PowerVision Team | Former Pro Athlete

PowerSession: You’ve dreamed about starting your own business for as long as you can remember. You have a great idea – and know that you can take it all the way from concept to game changer. The question is – where do you begin? Getting your vision clear, creating the plan and developing those first few next steps doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our PowerSession process is designed to take you from concept to execution so you can hit the ground running. Are you ready to take charge of your future?

Somers White

Management, Marketing, Mentoring & Financial Consultants, Persuasion, Public Speaking & CEO Coaching

“Somers White has been my business mentor and coach for 25 years.  he made my success possible!  He kept me from making Million Dollar mistakes and guided me to building a highly successful internet business.  Somers helped me reach for things I did not think could be achieved and took me beyond my perceived limits.“

Steve Feld

Certified Business Coach, Speaker Trainer

Almost all highly successful business owners and top executives work with business coaches.  There is no better satisfaction than helping turn around a business through first hand guidance.  It is the deciding factor whether a Fortune or Inc. 500 company experiences outstanding results or not.  It gives me great pleasure when the owners/leaders achieve their business goals, and see them working on their business and not in their business.

The only way to know what an entrepreneur goes through is to have operated and owned many different businesses successfully myself.  It is why I love to share the knowledge owners and corporate executives need to reach greater heights.

If you know and feel you are an All-Star in your industry, then it’s time to utilize a business coach to take your performance to higher levels.  The process is focused on the specific and exact needs of the client….. and we get results.

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