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Andy Gray

Marketing and Advertising – GrayShitz Marketing

What Andy does is strategically and tactically connect sales and marketing, operations and finance as one team and one process.  As for strategy, businesses benefit from being provided clarity around their business planning, marketing strategy, and in aligning organizations to achieve their goals.

Bryan Lifshitz

Marketing and Advertising – GrayShitz Marketing

Bryan’s role is to build out the front end of any brand and marketing campaign. With the help of Andy and the strategy side, take what was learned from the client, and implement the brand and overall design.

Gail Gust-Militello

Marketing Strategist | Uncharted Marketing

Strategic and Tactical Marketing PlanningOutsourced CMO SolutionsWeb DevelopmentProblem Solving and Critical ThinkingNew Product Introduction and LaunchesBrand Development and Market ExpansionPublic Relations

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