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Eva Marie Caraballo

Intuitive – Mental, Spiritual, Physical Healing

What is an Intuitive?

A true intuitive reads people, getting a true sense of where a person is on their life path, and more importantly the direction to take now.

Holding degrees in the Healing Arts, Neurolinguistic Programming, Healing Touch, and Reiki, Eva works as a conduit for delivering the healing information people are seeking mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Dorothy Neddermeyer (Dr.)


Understanding, caring, and helping people follow through with provided solutions takes a very special person, someone highly trained and experienced, who knows what questions to ask to uncover deeply seeded problems. It is what Dr Dorothy does every day, along with sharing her knowledge with other professionals to help them become more effective.

Samantha Chandler (Dr.)

Neuro Physical Therapist

We  are a Group Neurological and Orthopedic Physical Therapy facility offering after insurance and no insurance care for $10/hr.  We  serve adults from 18 to 108 who want to increase their mind/body  connection through scientifically proven, Physical Therapist supervised  mental and physical agility and strength building exercises.

Susan Wilder (Dr.)

MD, CEO at LifeScape
  • Extensive training in Personalized, Functional Medicine with a focus on primary prevention and addressing the underlying causes of illness while reducing reliance on medications.
  • Special expertise in nutritional interventions for mood disorders in adults and children and advanced hormone management.
  • Consultant to DreamWorks Television
  • Parenting advice on BabyFirstTV.
  • Full-spectrum Family Medicine for all ages including well-woman, pediatric, and adolescent care and geriatrics.
  • Wes Harrington

    Owner – NewSleep

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