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Christine Jefferies

Editor/Producer Eliances Hero Show

An entrepreneur and advocate, Christine Jeffries lives for words and using both sides of her brain to conjure solutions to her client’s challenges. She has been writing and editing more than 20 years, including 6 years as a remote employee of a well-known global enterprise solutions corporation. Working on many hi-profile projects in varied industries at many “household name” companies, she learned the ins and outs of business marketing and product development.

Norman Robinson

CEO – Plan B Club

Solving the many problems business owners have with their online marketing efforts is what Norm’s team does. The Plan B Club makes a 100% commitment to help clients exceed their own expectations.

Isabel Banerjee

CEO – Encore Catalyst

I learned by trying, doing, failing and starting again. I worked my way up from single teen mother to celebrated business owner. I built an 8 figure, global, industrial chemical business with only a high school diploma and a thirst for knowledge.

Now, to serve others, I share what I’ve learned over my lifetime and from 50+ years of business experience. I share candidly what I learned that worked and perhaps, more importantly, what did not work.

Jackie Ulmer

Social Media, Solopreneur, Direct Sales and Real Estate Coach

Great training is rare today. Jaw dropping training is nearly impossible to find. Unless you know Jackie Ulmer. She has accomplished the impossible. Her trainings are jaw dropping nuggets that each are unique, fresh, and come from successful experience – from social media to the more traditional work at home tactics . SHE HAS DONE IT- not just teaches it. Her rich experience makes her training resources a GOLD MINE for any Success Library. Wow. She is brilliant and yet humble. Listen to ANYTHING she has to say!

Lisa Perez

Executive Leadership & Employee Wellbeing Development Coach

Vital Transformations provides personal and leadership development coaching, workshops, speaking presentations, and online courses for all levels of professionals who want to achieve greater work-life success, performance, balance, and well-being for extraordinary results.   

Dr. Mamiko Odegard

Life and Business Coach, Professional Speaker, and International Best Selling Author at Biz Life Success, Inc.

“Every moment, small gesture, and awareness becomes a gift. Dr. Odegard designed a collec- tion ofdaily thoughts to reflect upon and open our hearts throughout the year. She has cap- tured a slice of humanity with her thoughtful and loving approach to each day. Dr. Odegard clearly has a keen eye for the simple pleasures in life. Each page is filled with gentle, funny, and at times, profound insights. This is a must read for every person who is passionate about their personal journey into relationships. Dr. Odegard challenges us to stop… reflect… and smile…as we live each day to the fullest. This little book will bring joy to your heart and those you love.”

Mark Boundy

Performance Consultant

I help companies grow their sales performance by adopting the world’s most successful selling methodologies for business-to-business environments.

I love helping sales professionals and sales leaders grow in their careers. 

I offer a free consultation, whether it’s simply providing a fresh set of eyes on an issue to a more in-depth discussion of what world-class sales organizations do differently from the normal company, and how your company compares.

Tom Zender

CEO Mentor & Business Coach

Tom Zender’s Book: The Bottom Lines 2017: This new book is a sequel to Tom Zender’s popular, The Bottom Lines 2016: 52 Unforgettable Lessons in Leadership. Drawn from his weekly columns in the Phoenix Business Journal, his  books utilize Tom’s long experience as a successful leader at General Electric and Honeywell, a senior VP in NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies, and the CEO of midsize, small, startup, and nonprofit organizations. Easy to read, it is packed with immediately useful, practical business wisdom — and a touch of humor.

Wendy Hines

Business Coaching

Team Coaching for businesses starting up with three or more employees is the perfect time for business owners to get coaching for the best team work going, and Wendy doubles the outcome through leadership coaching as well.  

Jim Plouffe

Marketing | Management | Author | Small Business Advisor

I make managing fun and marketing predictable.My greatest strength is taking complicated business issues and making them simple to understand and work with – while having fun.My advice is harsh, but it’s the truth! I ask awful hard questions that you’ll hate answering. I always have your goals and best interests in mind when asking. I want to make sure you succeed.I am not a consultant, I won’t do your work. I am not a coach that hands out “good job” or “great work” to people for doing the job they were assigned to do. I am a trusted advisor. I explain how to improve and I know where to start. I help you see the finish line. 

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